Saturday, February 14, 2009

What language do you want to learn?

*Arabic *Chinese *Finnish * French *Hebrew *Icelandic * Italian
* Japanese * Latin * Maori * Old English * Portuguese * Sign Language
* Swedish * Welsh

Brazilian Portuguese

With Brazil's economy becoming ever so strong, the interest in learning Portuguese is increasing rapidly. But the Brazilian pronunciaton maybe quite different from what you might expect. Read more...


Arabic Alphabet
Learn how to say the Arabic alphabet and read easy words.

Arabic Writing.
YouTube video lessons on how to write the Arabic alphabet letters.

Arabic Numbers
Short post for those wanting to know how to count in Arabic from 0 to 1,000,000.

Arabic Language Resources
List of sites and books for learning Arabic.

Online Arabic Dictionary
List of online and offline Arabic language dictionaries and glossaries.


Chinese Writing and Phrases
YouTube video tutorials teaching some basic Chinese phrases. (Includes Chinese writing.)

Chinese Zodiac Symbols
Post for those interested in learning about the Chinese horoscope signs.


Finnish Language
Learn some basics of Finnish, from the alphabet to useful phrases and words.


French Numbers
Learn how to count in French from 0 to 100.

French Alphabet
In this section you learn how to pronounce the French letters of the alphabet.


Hebrew Alphabet
Thorough introduction into the Hebrew alphabet and the Hebrew reading system.

Hebrew Language Resources
Sites where you can find Hebrew vocabulary, writing and even Hebrew online lessons.

Hebrew Online Dictionaries
Find here some online Hebrew dictionaries and glossaries by Babylon.


Icelandic Language
Video tutorials teaching you the basics of the Icelandic language, from the alphabet to useful Icelandic phrases.


Basic Italian Vocabulary
You learn some basic Italian words such as the seasons, colors, etc.

Basic Italian Phrases
Find videos teaching you some basic Italian greetings and sentence formation.

Italian Language Resources
Online resources where you can learn more Italian words, phrases and grammar.

Italian Dictionaries
List of online and offline Italian-English-Italian dictionaries.


Japanese Hiragana
Video tutorials teaching Japanese Hiragana symbols and how to read them.

Hiragana Writing
Learning how to write the Japanese Hiragana.

Video tutorials teaching Japanese Katakana symbols, how to read and write them.

Japanese Phrases (Includes Japanese grammar.)
Learn how to greet, say goodbye and other common Japanese phrases and expressions.

Japanese Numbers
Learn how to count in Japanese and how to say the time.

Japanese Language Resources
Other sites and materials to help you learn Japanese.

Japanese Symbol Dictionary
Collection of online and offline Japanese dictionaries.

Latin Language

Latin Phrases
Learn some commonly used Latin phrases together with Latin grammar.

Maori Language

Basic Maori Language
On this still short post, you will learn how to count in Maori from 1 to 10..

Old English

Old English Alphabet
Short post presenting you with a video to learn the Old English pronunciation and other online resources.


Brazilian Portuguese Alphabet
Learn how to pronounce Brazilian Portuguese vowels and consonants.

Brazilian Portuguese Verbs
Learn the basics of how to conjugate verbs in Portuguese together with useful everyday phrases.

Portuguese Verb Conjugation
On this post you learn the basics of how to Portuguese verbs are conjugated.

Portuguese Language Resources
Brings you online dictionaries, grammar tutorials, online verb conjugator, etc.

Sign Language

Sign Language Alphabet
Video tutorials teaching sign language alphabet from all over the world.


Swedish Language
Online lessons on the Swedish alphabet and Swedish phrases. (Includes Swedish grammar.)

Swedish Language Resources
Online and offline resources to learn Swedish.


Welsh Language
Learn the Welsh alphabet, Welsh numbers, and some basic everyday Welsh phrases.

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