Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hebrew Language Resources

Learn Hebrew Online

Learn Hebrew OnlineLearn Hebrew Online is the best established online course available for you to learn Hebrew.

Their courses are highly effective and they have all the resources to offer you the highest quality in teaching materials for the beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.

Alongside loads of conversation practice, you will also learn how to write and read Hebrew.

Here is a video demonstrating how their online Hebrew classes work. It's really amazing what technology and professionalism can do for us these days! :-) Enjoy!

They also have available beginner, intermediate and advanced courses in Biblical Hebrew.

Hebrew Books and Learning Programs

Here are some of the books and learning software on Amazon.

I've used my own criteria in selecting them; for example, all are rated 4 stars(rated by 3 people or more), and I read some reviews reviews.

Courses on Modern Hebrew:

Hebrew Verbs and Grammar:

Biblical Hebrew:

Learn Hebrew Software (Modern and Biblical):

Other Sites of Interest

Talking Map of IsraelLooking for a map of Israel? Then visit Gems in Israel. This brilliant site offers you a "talking map", which means that you can not only find the place you're searching for, but also listen to how it is pronounced. Great job!

Ipod for learning HebrewHebrew Pod has all you need in terms of furthering your knowledge of this beautiful language. You can enjoy a lot of their materials onsite, free of charge.

National Center for the Hebrew Language
The National Center for the Hebrew Language is the address to find all Hebrew language related materials, sites, news, etc. Sign up to their newsletter and enrich your knowledge.

Learn Hebrew with Foundation StoneFoundation Stone has developed an extraordinary (and free!!) software for learning Hebrew. Their program will teach you from the basics of the Hebrew alphabet to a fluent level of Hebrew reading. It suits beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Learn Hebrew with Siddur AudioSiddur Audio will help you learn Hebrew while chanting beautiful Hebrew prayers. It is a wonderful work by Rabbi Mark Zimmerman.


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