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Italian Language Resources

Getting serious about learning Italian...

Hello and welcome to my post on Italian Language Resources.

Listed here are the best Italian resources I could find for you to continue your studies of the Italian language. (I am updating constantly!!)

I've placed here online resources for practicing Italian grammar, Italian phrases and Italian words.

If you are searching for a good Italian dictionary, visit my post Free Translation to Italian.


Recommended Books for Learning Italian

Although I haven't personally used all books and learning software listed, I've set my own personal criteria to to ensure that I've brought you what I think is the best material for learning Italian. For example, I made sure all materials had at least a 4 star rating (rated by 3 people or more), and read a couple of good and bad reviews.

In any case, you are invited to leave me a comment if you have used any of the materials here listed.

Italian Verbs:

Italian Grammar:

Sites for Learning Italian Verbs and Grammar

Learn Italian with AndrewTeach Yourself Italian is most certainly a labor of love by Andrew; his site, online since 1999, is one of the most complete sites for you to learn Italian grammar. It explains everything from Italian nouns, articles, adverbs, to a complete tutorial on the tricky Italian verb conjugations. Realy worth a visit!

On Italian Tutorial you have another great resource of Italian grammar on the web. It presents you with clear-cut explanations of all facets of the grammatica italiana. This site belongs to Boris and he has put a considerable amount of time and effort to bring us this excellent tutorial. A five-star Italian tutorial!

The Italian Language site is brought to you by Richard Willmer. On his site, he explains about the origins of the Italian language, its different accents and dialects, and, of course, he also has loads of Italian grammar lessons. For people who the Italian language, this is a must-visit site!

Italian Phrases

Italian Phrases with OmniglotOmniglot has a good collection of useful Italian phrases. All with audio!

Learn Italian with Travel PhrasesDon't forget to pay a visit to Travel Phrase before your next visit to Italy. They have dozens of Italian phrases for every situation you might find yourself in while in Italy.

Italian family tree Would you like to build your family tree? My Heritage offers you one of the best online platforms to help you perform your genealogical research. It provides an easy-to-use and intuitive platform that makes your job a real breeze.

The YouTubers

Studio 4 Learning




Learn Italian like Crazy

Byki TV

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