Friday, January 9, 2009

Expanding your Italian vocabulary...

Italian words and phrasesHello and welcome to my post on Italian words.

On this post, you will not only learn some Italian vocabulary, but also how to say Italian words properly.

In the first section of this post, you will find video lessons teaching the Italian alphabet and also receive a thorough introduction into Italian word pronunciation (with practice!).

In the sections, you can watch presentations teaching Italian numbers and how to say the time; You also learn the days of the week and how to say the colors in Italian.

If you feel ready, jump to my post Italian phrases to learn a handful of daily Italian sentences and expressions.

Don't forget to let me know what you think by leaving me your comments and suggestions!


Learning Italian Words with Rocket277

Rocket277 has produced and uploaded a fantastic collection of videos for us to learn everything from simple Italian words to the basics of the Italian grammar and sentence formation.

The quality of his videos are good and he repeats all the instructions twice, first in English then in Italian.

Italian words with Rocket277: The Italian alphabet.

Italian words with Rocket277: Italian Consonant and vowel Pronunciation

Learning basic Italian Words: numbers and Time

This next video lesson, uploaded by Italwest, will teach you how to count in Italian from 0 to 1000.Great quality of sound and easy-to-follow pace!

Italian words: counting from 0 to 1000

The Learning Italian like Crazy team have uploaded some samples of their Italian lessons; Here is a taster giving you a review of Italian numbers together with a complete tutorial on how to say the time in Italian. The teacher, Giovanna, gives a very good and paced lesson making it very easy to follow and learn.

Italian Words: numbers and time, lesson 1

Italian Words: how to say the time and time expressions, lesson 2

Learning basic Italian Words: Colors

Enjoy this next lesson, presented by Byki TV, in which you will learn how to say the names of colors in Italian.

Italian words: Colors

Learning Italian words: Days of the Week

Again by the folks at Learning Italian Like Crazy, Giovanna teaches us how to say the days of the week in Italian together with some related sentences and expressions.

Learning Italian words: Days of the Week

Recommended Books for Learning Italian Words (and more)

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  2. Excellent blog for all kind of learner who want to learn Italian...I really enjoyed your blog keep up the good work going.

  3. lesson two could have been a bit slower - the problem is to get the whole alphabet into the time slot allowed by youtube, but this does´t give the learner enough time to repeat. Maybe it could be divided into two parts, a-l and m-z, with more of a pause for repetition after each word ?

  4. thanks for helping me to to learn italia languege,am here for tree years now but i cant speark correct italiano, i like your webside.