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Italian Bread Recipes

Italian bread recipesLearning some delicious Italian bread recipes...

I know, I know. This is a blog supposed to be about languages. But as I've been spending so much time at home watching and selecting language YouTube videos, I brought back into my every day life an old passion of mine: baking bread.

Yes, that's right. I love bread and over the years I've collected a good number of Italian bread recipes.

To go with the theme of this blog, I've selected for you YouTube videos teaching you (and me!!) the ins and outs of baking mouth-watering Italian bread.

I don't know about you, but I need simple recipes. So all the videos below will teach you simple Italian bread recipes that won't leave you frustrated with the results. Believe me, I tried two of them with success.


General Italian Bread Recipes

Joyce's Italian Bread Recipe

This next video, uploaded by Foxbytes, teaches us step-by-step how to easily bake Italian bread (it has subtitles so get your pen and paper ready!).

Brook's Italian bread recipe: Ciabatta

Brook61 has uploaded this great Italian bread recipe for Ciabatta bread (I tried it. It works great!:-)

Italian Bread Recipe: Italian Cornbread, Pane di Granoturco

Brought to us by the wonderful site Food Wishes, this easy-to-make Italian cornbread is real treat to the senses.

Italian Bread Recipes: Tomato Bruschetta

On this video Giulio teaches us how to make, on his words, the real Italian bruschetta.

Italian Bread Recipes: Bruschetta with sausage and bree cheese

I really love these video tutorials by Under the Tuscan Gun. Debbie and Grabiele teach us how to prepare a delicious - if not a little difficult to make - bruschetta.

Italian Bread Recipes: No Knead Focaccia

On this video, Dave teaches us how to make a focaccia that you don't have to knead.

Italian Bread Recipes: Roasted Tomato Focaccia

Keith Snows gives us this easy recipe to prepare roasted tomato focaccia. Delicious!

Meet the YouTube Chefs

All these delicious Italian bread recipes were generously prepared by these fantastic YouTubers:

Italian bread recipes with Foxbyte

Italian bread recipes with Keith
Keith Snow

Italian bread recipes with Brook61

Italian bread recipes with Food Wishes
Food Wishes

Italian bread recipes with Giulio
Italy Recipes

Italian bread recipes with Debbie and Grabiele
Under the Tuscan Gun

Italian bread recipes with Dave
Dave Scarpetti

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Do you know more Italian bread recipes?

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