Monday, December 15, 2008

Learning the Arabic writing system...

Arabic WritingHello and welcome to my post on Arabic writing.

Here you will find a selection of videos teaching you how to write the letters of the Arabic alphabet.

From the first letter to the last, you will learn how to pronounce each of the 25 Arabic letters, the correct Arabic punctuation system and Arabic cursive writing.

If, beforehand, you would like to watch quick presentations of the Arabic letters, please view my post Arabic Alphabet.

For other online Arabic materials, visit Arabic Language Resources


Arabic Writing with Yusuf Estes

You can easily recognize a teacher who loves what she/he does; Mr. Yusuf Estes is one such a teacher.

In this series of 6 videos entitled Learn Arabic in English, Mr.Yusuf Estes demystifies the Arabic writing system in an amazing way; it manages to be fascinating even to those not particularly interested in learning Arabic.

Highly recommended!

Taking your first steps towards understanding Arabic writing: letter "Alif" and Arabic dots pronunciation

Arabic Writing: Quick review of the first lesson and introduction to what Mr. Yusuf calls "the Pot Belly Family" :-)

Arabic Writing: Letter connections and letters Taa, Thah, Lam and Kaf

Arabic Writing: Continuation of previous video and letters Waw, Fa, Qaf Meem

Arabic Writing: Letters Waw, Fa, Zah, Da, Thal and Ha

Arabic Writing: Continuation of letters Waw, Fa, Zah, Da, Thal and Ha

This next set of three videos is a segment of the Arabic Writing Course by Professor Yussuf.

The videos give an overview of all the material learned on previous segments (above) together with some pretty advanced reading techniques:

Segment 2: Videos 1,2 and 3, letter combination and word formation

Recommended Books on Arabic Writing:

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  1. I loved this videos on Arabic writing!!!

    Will you be uploading more soon?


  2. Thank you for educating American converts, who would love to learn the Arabic language the easy way. You have a gift from God, that I hope you keep sharing with others..