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Arabic Language Resources

Another step to learning Arabic...

Have you tried any of the sites I recommend? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of it.

If it's a dictionary you're searching, visit my post Arabic Online Dictionary.


Arabic Books and Learning Programs

Although I haven't personally used all books and learning software listed, I've set my own personal criteria to ensure that I've brought you what I think is the best material for learning Arabic. For example, I made sure all materials had at least a 4 star rating (rated by 3 people or more), and read a couple of good and bad reviews.

In any case, you are invited to leave me a comment if you have used any of the materials here listed.

Arabic Course Books:

Arabic Writing:

Learning Arabic Grammar

Arabic language grammar
Unilang Wiki’s Arabic grammar pages could serve as a good introduction to the ins and outs of Arabic grammar.

Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy
Al-bab is definetely the site to go if you are into Arabic calligraphy. Pay a visit and enjoy their free tutorial on Arabic writing as well.

Arabic Keyboard

Arabic keyboardIf you've learned some basics of the Arabic alphabet and the Arabic writing system and would like to put it into practice, visit This user-friendly site not only presents you with an Arabic keyboard, but also an Arabic text editor. You will certainly enjoy it!

Arabic Language Articles

IU's Arabic language article
Here is a great article by Indiana University on the history of the Arabic writing.

Other sites of interest

Photos Stocks
Most of the photographs on this blog comes from Stock-XCHNG, one of the best sites for free (and paid) photos on the Web. Their archive of photos is astounding!

Arabic language and IslamMini Muslims is an interesting site where you can learn more about the Arabic language and about Islam.

Arabic language resources
Arabic Complete offers 6,000 audio clips of tutorials for both colloquial and classical Arabic.

Arabic language resourcesOmniglot is one of the most complete sites offering everything a beginner learner should know about his/her language of choice. (the link will carry you directly to the Arabic language page. Have fun!

Patrick DSilva, the owner of PJD Arabic Translations is an accomplished Arabic to English translator who specializes in legal and governmental documents, current events materials, and religious texts. He also teaches Arabic and you can see his lessons at

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