Wednesday, November 12, 2008

About Learning a Language on YouTube

Hi and welcome to my blog, Learn a Language on YouTube.

Thanks for visiting!

Learning a foreign language requires time and effort. Simply put, the more you dedicate yourself to it, and the more resources you gather to learn it, the faster and easier the learning goes. Period.

I've been a language teacher for many years and I've decided to put my experience to the service of all those who want to learn a foreign language.

Today, with the Internet, it is possible to learn a language online: There are hundreds and thousands of tools available.

Take the YouTube phenomenon, for example: Everyday people and companies all over the world upload free video language tutorials: Some are well structured multi-part courses, while others are of a much simpler nature. In theory, you can start learning a foreign language online from the very beginning and reach an intermediate level of fluency.

And that's where my experience comes into play: As a language teacher, I've developed "an eye" for what works and doesn't work in the teaching of a foreign language; and by using these insights, I am selecting and annotating the best resources online so that you, the learner, won’t have to spend too much time searching around.

Apart from selected YouTube videos, I am recommending sites with a great deal of language activities such as free listening materials, grammar online tutorials, reading "handouts", etc. Most are free of charge, some not.

Enjoy your experience here!



I am really grateful to all the "YouTubers" out there who have taken their time, effort and resources to make these videos available to us all. It is thanks to them that we now have the possibility of expanding our understanding of each other's cultures, and that is an invaluable service to humanity.

Another huge thanks goes to my partner whose support, understanding and saintly patience go sometimes beyond human levels. My love, you most definetely are an angel!

And to my my friends who I am sure sometimes want to strangle me to death so that I can stop talking about this blog. Thanks my beautiful souls for being there for me: for listening, for sharing, for strengthening my belief in this project and, ultimately, in myself.




To the YouTubers:

It has never been my intention to violate your copyrights. If you feel I have done so, please contact me, Elan, at: Learn a Language on YouTube.

To the Language Learners:

I do not speak or am a teacher of all the languages I present on this blog. "My job" is to watch the lessons and use my skills as a language teacher to evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson (a huge bonus is that I will end up learning a lot about each language I post ;-).

To both:

I will always be happy to hear from you - to have your participation on this blog; after all, its purpose is to be a rendezvous point to language teachers and language learners around the world.


  1. why' dont you show thai language

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    It seems our sites are on the same purpose. Please e-mail me if you are interested in a link exchange.