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Learning the Chinese symbols and Chinese writing...

Chinese Symbol writing and phrases
Receive here the foundation of the Chinese pronunciation and grammar together with Chinese symbols writing.

At the end of this post, you can find some selected websites containing a variety of language resources, such as online dictionaries, grammar sites, etc.

I am constantly updating this blog, so please Email me if you find more resources for Chinese symbols writing.


Chinese Character Writing

The first video teaches you the writing of numbers in Chinese. With it, you can learn a trick or two about the so important “brush order” of the Chinese writing. I have listed here the three videos in this series.

The second video does not show the lesson from the beginning, it sort of “starts in the middle”. You still may learn a lot from it, though.

Videos three and four teach you about “Stroke Counts” present in the Chinese Writing system.

In my opinion, the teacher goes a little too quickly for the complete beginner. But all in all he does a great job at explaining the intricacies of Chinese and I am sure you can learn loads from them.

All the videos in this series have been uploaded by Expert Village, an online library of educational videos teaching you everything under the sun.

Brush Order: How to write Chinese symbols*

1 – Brush Order: How to write Chinese symbols

2 – Brush Order: How to write Chinese Symbols
3 – Brush Order: How to Write Chinese Symbols
4 – Brush Order: How to Write Chinese Symbols

It was extremely hard to figure out how many videos are available for this series, and in which order. If someone can shed some light on it, I’d be happy to hear.

Chinese Symbols Made Easy

This a collection of 2 videos presented by Jack (Crouchtig). They will carry you through an interesting and amusing path towards learning Chinese Symbols and the Chinese writing system of ideograms.

Hope you like Rock music, though… :-)

1 – Chinese Symbols Made Easy, Part 1

2 – Chinese Symbols made Easy, Part 2

Active Chinese: Chinese Words and Phrases

Don’t want to be bogged down in learning Chinese writing and go straight to useful Chinese words and phrases?

Then here is a collection of some interesting and good quality YouTube videos which will leave you with at least a handful of Chinese words and Chinese phrases in your “brain pocket”.

This next series of videos are part of the light-hearted, entertaining and highly effective Chinese course offered by Active Chinese.

1 - Active Chinese: Chinese Words and Phrases:

2 - Active Chinese: Chinese Words and Phrases, Part 1
3 - Active Chinese: Chinese Words and Phrases, Part 2

Andrea teaches Chinese on YouTube

Andrea, the presenter of the next set of videos, has done a great job in giving us a introduction to some basic Chinese language. Her lessons are slow, and she step-by-step enriches the viewer’s knowledge of Chinese words and relevant Chinese symbols.

1 - Andrea: Chinese lesson 1:

2 – Learn Chinese Words and Phrases, Part 2a
3 – Learn Chinese Words and Phrases, Part 2b

Other sites providing Chinese language resources:

Online Chinese Dictionaries

1– The Chinese Character Dictionaries is an excellent tool to find translation to and from English. Don’t be misled by its simple layout; this dictionary of Chinese symbols is a real gem.

2 – Babylon’s collection of Chinese Online Dictionaries is a great source of English to Chinese and Chinese to English dictionaries. There you find hundreds of thousands of translations using both the Traditional as well as Simplified Chinese symbols.

Other web resources to learn Chinese

1– This BBC series to learn Chinese is a great introductory course in Mandarin Chinese.

2– Learn how to say everyday Chinese phrases with L-CEPS’s free samples of Chinese learning software.

3– On Zhongwenred you find loads of free material (including Chinese writing and grammar).

4– Now, if you are really serious about learning Chinese, do not miss out what Active Chinese has to offer: they present you with an array of Chinese language courses to suit your every need.

5- Learn Chinese Online has one of the most complete lists of everything many sites where you can find resources to learn Chinese over the Web.

6- Omniglot has one of the most complete archives of languages and language writing systems ever. This page on the Chinese writing is simply incredible. Loads of information for the beginner learner!

7- Most of the photographs on this blog comes from Stock-XCHNG, one of the best sites for free (and paid) photos on the Web. Their archive of photos is astounding!

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  1. I'm new here landed up searching blogs on resources on Chinese Language. cool blog you have here, keep it up. and its nice to be here. i'll be back some time later for more updates.Thanks for sharing with us....

  2. Hi Devi Jones!

    Thank you so much for your comment and the nice words. Really appreciated!

    I loved your site
    I will be recommending it alongside other resources.

    And yes, I do intend to update my post on Learning Chinese on YouTube. So, keep tune...:-)

    Thanks again, mate!

  3. Hi Elan,

    Awesome post. I'm busy learning Chinese myself. I was born in China and because of the one child policy we left when I was very young. I grew up learning English but have now found the need to learn Chinese (as there is a big communication barrier between my parents and I).

    Anyways looking forward to seeing more posts from you ^_^

  4. Awesome post. I'm busy learning Chinese myself. I was born in China and because of the one child policy we left when I was very young.
    Thanks for post..
    Chinese Translation