Monday, December 15, 2008

Learning the Arabic alphabet with ease...

Arabic Alphabet
Hello and welcome to my post on learning the Arabic Alphabet!

Below you will find video presentations teaching you the Arabic alphabet in a paced and enjoyable way.

After watching these videos you will be equipped with basic knowledge of the Arabic letters sound.

If you would like to take this knowledge further and start learning how to write Arabic, visit my post on Arabic Writing.

...Or enjoy learning how to count in Arabic with my post Arabic Numbers


Learn Arabic with Khaled

Khaled has done a great job in presenting the Arabic alphabet. He has uploaded 6 videos in his series Learn Arabic with Khaled. I’ve selected 5 of those which I found most interesting for the beginner learner of the Arabic alphabet.

Although his videos do not have studio-quality recordings, the pronunciation is clear enough. The letters are well presented: all having the English phonetic equivalent representing the sound of each letter, and a dividing red-line demonstrating how it should be written.

The main downside to this series, in my opinion, is that His method of presenting the material is very repetitive, which makes it less interesting.

But remember what I said before in the Introduction: Each person learns differently; and his method of presenting the Arabic alphabet might just suit you.

I congratulate and thank Khaled for making this material available to us.

And Khaled, if you ever read this blog, drop us a line and enlighten us even more on the beauties of the Arabic writing system….

Learn the Arabic alphabet with Khaled, Part 1

Learn the Arabic alphabet with Khaled, Part 2

Learn the Arabic alphabet with Khaled, Part 3

Learn the Arabic alphabet with Khaled, Part 4

Learn the Arabic alphabet with Khaled, Part 5

Singing the Arabic alphabet

Now for the singers among you, I highly recommend the video by Mini Muslims (see: Arabic Language Resources). It makes learning the Arabic alphabet a real breeze…

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  1. hi...very good have been helpful for begginers.arabic is a beautiful and mysterious language. mabrook.

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  3. assalamu alaikum i have been trying to learn arabic for 7 years but i only know a few phrases. finally i found somewhere to help me learn a bit easier. shukran.