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Portuguese Language Resouces

Below is a number of sites I recommend; they have been selected as tools to help you continue your studies of the Portuguese language online and offline.

If you know of other useful resources, please let me know.


Online Portuguese Dictionaries

Babylon Portuguese dictionarySimply put, Babylon is a desktop translation software that works on the idea of a single-click translation.

Babylon has partnered with Michaelis dictionaries, a major world publisher of Portuguese dictionaries, to deliver you translation results from and to Portuguese in a variety of languages.

Here is a short YouTube presentation of Babylon software features:

Babylon offers a collection of free English to Portuguese online dictionaries. Their dictionaries are one of the most complete English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English translation tools available, also containing general dictionaries and technical glossaries.

If you have an intermediate knowledge of Portuguese and already have Babylon on your computer, why not add the Dicionario Aurelio to your collection?

Portuguese Books and Learning Programs

Although I haven't personally used all books and learning software listed, I've set some kind of criteria to to ensure that I've brought you what I think is the best material for learning Hebrew. For example, I made sure all materials had at least a 4 star rating (rated by 3 people or more), and read a couple of good and bad reviews.

In any case, you are invited to leave me a comment if you have used any of the materials here listed.

Portuguese Language Books (and CDs):

Portuguese Verbs:

Portuguese grammar and phrases

Learn Portugueese with SoniaSonia, the owner of Sonia Portuguese, has one of the most complete sites for learning Portuguese (Brazilian). Her site has several pages on Portuguese grammar, Portuguese phrases, Brazilian food, Brazilian Portuguese slangs and proverbs, to name but a few. She also sells her own book and CDs for learning Brazilian Portuguese.

Learn Portuguese Now is an excellent web resource of Portuguese phrases, grammar and other Brazilian culture topics such as Brazilian food, Brazilian music, etc. The author of the site, Mr. Nunes, has also done instructive video tutorials of the Portuguese language.

Brazilian Portuguese Pod
Brazilian Portuguese Podcast presents us with a vast collection of quality Podcasts to learn Brazilian Portuguese.

Learn Portuguese with Semantica Semantica is a great place to learn Brazilian Portuguese. If you are a visual learner, these Ipods and DVDs will definitely help you. Their videos are of high quality of sound and image and the situations and sketches shown really entertaining.

Portuguese Verb Conjugator

Portuguese verb conjugationsConjuga-me! is a simple and highly effective site presenting you with an outstanding 14.592,41 Portuguese verb conjugations.
Although the site is entirely in Portuguese, it is simple to use: Just type the verb (in its infinitive form) and click on "Conjugar".

Other Sites of Interest

Photo collection
Most of the photographs on this blog comes from Stock-XCHNG, one of the best sites for free (and paid) photos on the Web. Their archive of photos is astounding!

The YouTubers

Learn Portuguese with Professor Jason
Professor Jason's site provides you with materials for learning the Spanish language; it offers tutorials on grammar, pronunciation and Spanish culture. Check out his YouTube Spanish series.

Learn Portuguese with KleberKleber Kosta has dozens of great Portuguese video tutorials on his YouTube page. He teaches everything from Portuguese pronunciation to Portuguese grammar. A real gem!

Learn Portuguese with Curtis and MarcosSo far, Curtis and Marcos only have 3 video tutorials for learning Portuguese. I look forward to seeing more in the near future. Congratulations to them both!

Learn Portuguese with Fabio
Fabio8506 has a great collection of videos to teach you Brazilian Portuguese phrases.

Portuguese language resources Bom Dia Net has a great collection of video lessons teaching you the Portuguese language.

This is a new blog about the utterly famous Brazilian dictionary Dicionario Aurelio. It's still at the very beginning but it is promising.

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  2. I've used Professor Jason's youtube videos in my class. I also think the Lonely Planet's Brazilian Portuguese phrase book is excellent. The Everything Learning Brazil Portuguese Book is a good resource as well. The Conversa Brasileira website has some great stuff.