Sunday, February 8, 2009

Learn Finnish on YouTube

Finnish Alphabet

Source: Furmilo

Essential Words and Phrases in Finnish

1. Learn how to introduce yourself in Finnish:

Source: Sulkasiipi

2. Learn how to count from 1 to 99 in Finnish:

Source: Sulkasiipi

3 - Days of the week in Finnish:

Source: Sulkasiipi

4. Months of the Year and Family Members:

Source: Sulkasiipi

5 - Colors in Finnish:

Source: Sulkasiipi

Greetings and Goodbyes in Finnish (among other phrases)

Source: Maija Valos

Finnish Language Resources

1 - Here is great site prepared by Kimberli to teach you some Finnish grammar.

2 - Virtual Finland brings you everything you need and want to know about Finland, the Finnish people and the Finnish language. One of my faves!

3 - If you want to learn about the "infamous" Finnish cases, visit this site prepared by Panu Mäkinen.

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