Sunday, February 8, 2009

Learning some basics of the Maori language...

Maori language on YouTube.Welcome to my post on the Maori language!

Maori, or also called Te Reo, is the official language of New Zealand, together with English.

Maori status as a national language gained significant strength after the Maori Language Act of 1989, was implemented.

Te Reo is spoken by over 150,000 people and it is part of the national curriculum of schools in New Zealand.

Truly, it has been a little hard to find video tutorials on this beautiful Polynesian language. So, Meanwhile I posted only one video tutorial on the Maori language teaching you how to count in Maori.

I'll keep on searching...Let me know if you find a Maori language YouTube video lesson.


This video lesson is a musical video presentation teaching you how to count in Te Reo from 1 to 10.

It has been uploaded by Talk Maori.

Maori Language online resources:

1 - Wikipedia has excellent articles for those interested in understanding more about the Maori language and culture.

2 - is the place to visit for learning Maori on the Net. It has, among other things, lessons on the Maori alphabet, list of Maori dictionaries (in print and online), and lessons on how to pronounce Maori.

3 - On Kōrero Māori you can learn basic Maori pronunciation, find the lyrics of famous Maori songs, read Maori proverbs and even read on Maori mythology.

4 - The The Maori Language Commission contains information on publications, relevant Maori language issues and many, many resources for you to discover this language.

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