Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Taking your first steps in learning the French alphabet...

French Alphabet
Hello and welcome to my post on the French Alphabet!

Whether you just need a quick brush-up on French pronunciation, or you are at the beginning stages of learning French, this short post will help you.

Here you will learn the beautiful sounds of the French alphabet, and even have some chance to practice your pronunciation of basic French words.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!


Short presentation of the French alphabet. The sound is great and the pace is excellent for repetition.

This great video was prepared by Imagiers

Here is another video presentation of the French alphabet. This time the folks at Studio4Learning go a little deeper into the tricky pronunciation of some French letters.

Have you memorized the entire French alphabet already? If so, here is a collection of lessons teaching you how to read French and pronounce French words.

I haven't posted them in any specif order. However, if you already know the French alphabet, you will be able to see those French letters "in action".

French alphabet pronunciationFrench Alphabet pronunciation with ParisByPod.

On this video you will practice your pronunciation by learning how to say the colors in French:

Summing up...

1. Magenta

2. Mauve

3. Noir

4. Ocre

5. Olive

6. Orange

7. Parme


9. Pourple

10. Rose

11. Rouge

12. Safran

13. Turquoise

14. Vert

13. Violet

French alphabet pronunciation French Alphabet pronunciation with Jremy:

Learn how the sound of the letter x is pronounced in French words. The purpose of this video lesson by Rémy is to teach you the French numbers from 1 to 10.

Would you like to learn how to count in French up to 100? Visit my post on the French Numbers.

French alphabet pronunciationPronouncing the French r with Leyla.

Summing up...

Here are the sentences presented by Sheyla:

1. Je regarde par la fenêtre.

2. Arrête de rire!

3. J'ai très, très peur!

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That's it for now. If you need any other videos on the French alphabet or French pronunciation, leave a comment below. I will do my best to find it.

I intend to constantly update this post, so if you know any YouTube video for this section, let me know.

French Translation by Babylon is a great place to receive free autimatic translations. Easy to use.

Take care!


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