Sunday, February 1, 2009

Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre...

Welcome to my post on the French numbers!

By going through all the videos, you will learn how to count in French from 0 to 100. (I will be soon uploading higher numbers.)

If you feel like practicing what you've learned, there is a "Drilling Session" at the bottom of this post.

Enjoy! :-)

This presentation, by Je French, will teach you numbers 1 to 10 in French.

Their tutorial is paced, and gives you plenty of time for repetition.

This video teaches French numbers from 11 to 20.

It is an excellent video by LearnLanguages1.

This series of presentations teaches us how to count in French from 20 to 100.

It is brought to us by Vicent Lefrançois, from Imagiers.

I recommend you watch each video a couple of times as French numbers get a little tricky after 69...

...And I must say I LOVE Vicent, la grenouille :-).

French Numbers: 20 to 30

French Numbers: 30 to 40

French Numbers: 40 to 50

French Numbers: 50 to 60

French Numbers: 60 to 70

French Numbers: 70 to 80

French Numbers: 80 to 90

French Numbers: 90 to 100

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