Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are you learning Portuguese on the Internet? (or want to?)

If so, I strongly recommend you buy Babylon online Portuguese to English dictionary.

Truly speaking, Babylon is much more than a great online dictionary, it is a multi-functional, multi-language translation software.

Watch this short video and learn what Babylon can offer you:

Not to say that Babylon only wants to sell their translation software, they've recently put up all their content to be used online for free. It is called "The Lookup Pages" (I think the name is a little dorky, but still...:-).

Here are three of their online Portuguese to English Dictionary collection:

* Babylon's own dictionaries (containing over 200,000 Portuguese terms)

* Brazilian Slang (with explanations)

* Portuguese-English-Portuguese Business Dictionaries

If you already have this software on your computer - and you're learning Portuguese - I strongly recommend you to also acquire the great Dicionario Aurelio for a more detailed exploration of this language's vocabulary.


P.S.: For those interested in trying the software out, Babylon gives you a 7 day trial.

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