Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Learning Swedish at your own pace...

Learn Swedish on YouTubeWelcome to my post on the Swedish language!

Swedish is a beautiful Scandinavian language spoken by over 10 million people. It is closely related to the languages spoken by Sweden's neighboring countries, in particular to Norwegian and Danish. (And that is a huge plus considering that you could easily learn the others later!) ;-)

Below you will find a number of video tutorials teaching you some basic Swedish. These tutorials will teach you how to have a short and elementary conversation in the language together a funny video teaching you how to count to ten in Swedish.


Learn Swedish with The Stadam
I trully like the video lessons by The Stadam!

This collection of video presentations is simple and effective and will teach you from the basic Swedish alphabet to useful sentences, to important grammatical topics of the Swedish language.
A real YouTube gem of a Swedish tutorial! Let us keep our fingers crossed that they will be uploading more soon.

On this first part of the post, I've selected videos concentrating on Swedish pronunciation and vocabulary learning and practice.

Video 1: The Swedish Alphabet

Video 2: Numbers - How to count in Swedish

Video 3: Greetings in Swedish

Video 4: 20 Basic Words in Swedish

Video 5: Everyday conversation in Swedish

Video 6: Questions

Learn Swedish Verbs and Grammar

Again by The Stadam - ( thank you The Stadam!!:-) we will be learning how to properly use Swedish verbs. This is the first video of a series, as soon as the next ones are posted, I will post them here for you !! We will wait for more of those excellent videos !!

Video 1: Some Swedish verbs

Swedish Language Books

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