Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Swedish Language Resources

Hello and welcome to my post Swedish Language Resources!

I've selected here a number of sites and other online resources to help you continue learning the Swedish language.


Swedish Dictionary

Babylon Swedish Dictionary
I have Babylon installed on my computer and I must say that it is the most convenient translation tool I've ever used.

What is Babylon?

Simply put, Babylon is a desktop translation software that works on the idea of a single-click translation.

Here is a short YouTube presentation of Babylon software features:

Babylon also has an array of free Swedish dictionaries and glossaries (for online use only): Check out their Swedish to English and English to Swedish dictionaries and glossaries, including some technical Swedish-English-Swedish glossaries as well.

Online Oversattning

Swedish Language Books

Although I haven't personally used all books and learning software listed, I've set some kind of criteria to to ensure that I've brought you what I think is the best material for learning Swedish. For example, I made sure all materials had at least a 4 star rating (rated by 3 people or more), and read a couple of good and bad reviews.

In any case, you are invited to leave me a comment if you have used any of the materials here listed.

Swedish Grammar and Phrases

Learn Swedish with 101 Languages
101 Languages is one of the most complete sites where you can find Swedish grammar, Swedish useful phrases, and more. It also has a good number of grammar and phrases pages on many languages such as Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, etc.

Learn Swedish with Aaron Rubin Mr. Aaron Rubin offers us a complete and free Swedish Language Course with his brilliant site that helps us learn and understand Swedish grammar and vocabulary . His page is simple but thorough, covering all aspects of Swedish grammar usage.

Learn Swedish in Sweden

Learn Swedish in Sweden Study in Sweden is no doubt the most comprehensive site for those who are thinking of studying in Sweden. It brings you information on all aspects of student life and needs from finding a suitable university or course, to accommodation and visa requirements.

The YouTubers

A huge thanks goes to the following YouTubers who have put their time and effort to brings us these instructive Swedish video tutorials.


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