Monday, February 9, 2009

Old English Alphabet

Pronouncing the letters in the Old English alphabet...

Old English manuscript showing the Old English alphabet letters
Hello everyone and welcome to my post on the Old English alphabet!

Here you will find a video presenting you with a reading and translation of a text written in Old English. This video can be used as a "listening practice" and help you learn to pronounce the letters of the Old English alphabet.

Also, I've listed a number of great sites where you can learn more about Old English lettering system.

Hope it helps you and let me know if you find other videos and online resources for this post.


Here is a video lesson by Alexander Arguelles, Ph.D. where we can learn what the sounds of the Old English alphabet might have been.

The Old English Alphabet with Richard Nokes

I know this next series of videos are not strictly about the Old English alphabet, but I found Professor Nokes's lessons really interesting, and another way to hear the pronunciation of Old English. If you would like to know more about his work, old English grammar and other interesting related sites, visit his blog.

1 - Old English Verbs:

2 - Old English Nouns I:

Professor Nokes has a series of 4 videos on Old English Nouns (for more info, don't forget to visit his excellent blog!)

Old English Alphabet Online Resources

TIP: Have a look at these sites and return to hear how the Old English alphabet letters are pronounced.

Old English Alphabet at OmniglotOmniglot has a very interesting article with the history of the Old English alphabet in a nutshell. You will also find pictures and pronunciation charts to help you pronounce the letters of the Old English alphabet. A five-stars resource.

Old English alphabet in WikipediaWikipedia: Read this extensive article the history of the Old English (with extensive cover of the development of the Old English alphabet).

Englisc Onstigende Wordbōc is great online dictionary providing translations from Modern English to Old English.

Old English Links brings you everything under the online sun you could want to know about Old English, the Old English alphabet, texts, and much more.

I just love this site on the Elisabethan Era. This link will take you straight onto their Old English alphabet's page, where you can you read very interesting articles on the Old English alphabet and its letters.

If you feel like deepening your studies on Old English, this site will give you a thorough introduction into the subject. In it you can learn from the Old English alphabet system to old English grammar and vocabulary. Great resource!


  1. Hi Elan,
    I found your site by chance while searching for old English alphabet fonts.
    Really interesting post!
    Will you be posting more stuff on the old English alphabet?
    Keep Up the good work.

  2. Actually, I didn't think about old English before, we are always with the newest!!

    It's a great idea to go back to the past sometimes to see how it was.

  3. when did the letter (j) enter the english alphabet?

  4. Thank you for your videos! They helped in studying for my Old English exam! :-)