Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Learn a Language on YouTube will help you learn a foreign language, especially if you are at the beginning stages.

This blog is my labor of love to language learning and teaching; it is an ongoing project and I intend to search and post new videos regularly.

Send me your comments, suggestions, or submit a video at: Learn a Language on YouTube.


Learn Arabic on YouTube
Learn Arabic on YouTube.

On this post you will find video tutorials teaching the basics of the Arabic alphabet and Arabic writing. It will take you from zero knowledge of the Arabic alphabet to being able to write full words using the Arabic letters.

If you're searching for other Arabic learning online materials, visit my posts of Arabic Learning Resources and Arabic Online Dictionary.

Learn Chinese on YouTubeLearn Chinese on YouTube

You will be taught Chinese language pronunciation, useful Chinese phrases and a thorough introduction to the Chinese writing system.

A related post to this language is a number of video tutorials on the 12 Chinese Zodiac Symbols.

Learn Hebrew on YouTubeLearn Hebrew on YouTube

In this series of videos teaching you the Hebrew alphabet you will learn much more than the basics. It is a long series of video tutorials of the Hebrew language, but it is basically a "full course" on learning how to read and write in Hebrew.

For more Hebrew tutorials, visit: Hebrew Language Resources.

Learn Japanese on YouTubeLearn Japanese on YouTube

Find an array of Japanese video tutorials on Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and even Japanese phrases (with grammar) and Japanese numbers. You will also find an instructive and entertaining post on Japanese origami.

Visit my post Japanese Language Resources to find out sites and other materials to help you learn Japanese.

Click here if you need a good Japanese Symbol Dictionary.

Learn Portuguese on YouTubeLearn Brazilian Portuguese on YouTube

Helps you learn the Portuguese alphabet (including tutorials on Brazilian Portuguese vowels and consonants pronunciation), Portuguese verbs (with useful Brazilian Portuguese phrases).

You will also find a number of Brazilian related posts such as posts about Brazilian flag, Facts of Brazil (with Brazilian history videos) and Brazilian Baby Names.

For online Portuguese grammar, verb conjugations, Portuguese dictionaries, etc, visit my post Portuguese Language Resources.

Learn Swedish on YouTube Learn Swedish on YouTube

My Swedish language post brings you an excellent collection of videos teaching you from the elementary sounds of the Swedish alphabet to grammar and sentence structure.

To find out more sites where you can learn Swedish, please visit my post Swedish Language Resources

Learn Italian on YouTubeLearn Italian on YouTube

Want to start learning some Italian?

Start on my post Italian words, where you learn a small vocabulary of everyday usage.

Also enjoy learning some useful sentences in modern Italian on my post Italian phrases. I've post video tutorials teaching you everything from the most common ways of greetings and saying goodbye, to Italian numbers and telling the time.

Learn the Sign Language Alphabet on Youtube
Learn the Sign Language Alphabet on YouTube

If you would like to become a polyglot in using using sign language, visit my post Sign Language Alphabet and learn how the sign language alphabet is used in different countries.

Learn Welsh on YouTube Learn Welsh on YouTube

On this post you will video lessons teaching you some basics of the Welsh language such as the Welsh alphabet, how to count in Welsh, and some basic everyday Welsh phrases.

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