Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hi and welcome to post on learning Japanese words and phrases!

The collection of videos below will provide you with enough knowledge to manage a basic conversation in Japanese.


Learning your first Japanese words and phrases...

If you are looking for a smooth introduction to the Japanese language, the video uploaded by will give you just that.

In just over seven minutes you will learn: 1) General facts about the Japanese language; 2) Essentials of Japanese pronunciation (with practice!); 3) How Japanese word order works and 4) Loads of useful Japanese phrases and words.

Ideal for the complete beginner, this video was prepared by The Japanese Page team.

Japanese Greetings and Goodbyes...

This is a powerful video despite its simple presentation.

The presenter repeats each sentence many times (while writing it in Hiragana).

Great way to memorize Japanese words and phrases!

Learn Japanese with Victor...

Victor is a great teacher and he teaches the Japanese language in a fun and laid-back way.

In this series of videos, he gives us useful Japanese words and phrases, all accompanied with contextual and cultural information.

Highly recommended!

Learn Japanese words with Victor: Genki

Learn Japanese words with Victor: Japanese Word Order

Learn Japanese words with Victor: Japanese Pronouns "I", "You"

Learn Japanese words with Victor: I like dogs more than Cats!

Learn Japanese with Victor: Your Favorite Things

Recommended Books for Learning Japanese:

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What is the most interesting Japanese word you know?

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  2. Found a great youtube teacher to learn Japanese from , she has been the best youtube teacher I have seen on youtube!

    Her channel is here:


  3. Sensei Victor, gambette!!!