Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Japanese Origami Resources

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Recommended Books for Learnning Japanese Origami:

Origami.com with Japanese origami resources
Origami.org is a haven of origami resources throughout the world, and it also brings you a database of origami diagrams. Real worth a visit!

Tammy's Japanese Origami Page for childrenGive your children hours of fun with Tammy Yee's Japanese Orgami page: She has plenty of delightful activities to keep you and your children entertained with paperfolding. Tammy is the winner of the Honor Awards for the 2008 Storytelling World Awards in the Stories for Pre-Adolescent Listeners category. Congratulations Tammy!

Eric Japanese Origami PageVisit Eric's Origami Page and find out how much fun paperfolding can be. Among many other things, you can even find online paperfolding lessons.

Gilad Japanese Origami siteGilad Aharoni has put up an excellent page on Japanese Origami resources; in it you can find Origami books, Origami organizations and other related sites. He also has a gallery of his own origami works.

Lisa's origami pageVisit Lisa Shea's site and see her beautiful origami works.

Expert VillageExpert Village has an archive of thousands of video tutorials teaching you everything under the sun.

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