Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Your first lessons in Welsh can start here...

Learning Welsh on YouTubeHello and welcome to my post on the Welsh Language!

Welsh is a vibrant language still spoken by over 750,000 people in Wales and throughout the world (even in Patagonia, Argentina.)

Although the Welsh language has a long history of struggle for her survival, it has been gaining more and more prominence, especially after the Welsh Language Act of 1993.

Nowadays, Welsh has equal status to English in all public sectors throughout Wales.

Below you have a series of videos teaching the basics of this beautiful - and, for me, enigmatic - language.


Learning the Welsh Alphabet

The next video was uploaded by Adam. He teaches us the Welsh alphabet and gives us a thorough introduction into the pronunciation of Welsh letters. (See the link to Adam's page below)

Learning the Welsh alphabet with Adam
Learning the Welsh alphabet with Adam

Learning the Welsh Numbers

The Welsh Numbers with the Purple Librarian

The Welsh Numbers with the Purple Librarian (See link on "YouTubers" - below)

Purple Librarian (love that name!:-) has uploaded this tutorial teaching us how to count from 1 to 21 in Welsh. The sound is great and her (his?) pronunciation is clear. Great vid!

Learning Welsh numbers with Adam
Learning Welsh numbers with Adam

Again by Adam are these next two excellent video lessons teaching us how to count in Welsh from twenty to a million.

Learning some Welsh Words

This next set of videos teaches some really useful Welsh words. All videos in this section were prepared by Adam. They are a wonderful pronunciation practice after you've learned the Welsh alphabet.

Here goes a huge THANK YOU to Adam for his Welsh language tutorials! (See the link to his site below)

1 - Days of the Week

2 - Months of the Year

3 - Colors

Learning Welsh Phrases

This video teaches some basic Welsh Sentences; uploaded by walesyddraiggoch, it is a BBC production for learning the Welsh language. I checked out the BBC site, and it is a great one for those interested in taking a self-study course in Welsh (See link below)

Books for Learning Welsh

Books about Wales and Welsh culture

Welsh Language Online Resources

Learn Welsh with the BBC The Welsh Language Course on the BBC site brings you hundreds of listening, vocabulary and grammar activities for the beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.

If you want to learn about Wales and be updated with the country's latest event, BBC Wales is the perfect site for you.

Welsh-English Dictionary Babylon has two sets of online Welsh-English dictionaries.

You can either search a Welsh term online, or download their translation software and receive Welsh-English-Welsh translations by clicking on a word in you desktop. (The software is for pay, but they give you a seven-day trial with no commitment).

Omniglot does it again!

They have compiled a great collection of Welsh phrases (with audio!.

The Welsh Language YouTubers

Learn Welsh with the Purple Librarian
Purple Librarian

Learn Welsh
Learn Welsh Dysgwch - by Adam