Monday, February 9, 2009

Learning Latin phrases (and more!) on YouTube...

On this post you will be learning some common Latin phrases, Latin pronunciation and Latin language grammar.

I intend to keep updating it so if you know of any YouTube Latin phrases video or other online resources, please let let me know. (Comments below)

Also, you can find a list of sites with hundreds of Latin phrases and quotes.


Interesting Latin Phrases

This short video presents us with a number of commonly used Latin phrases. It has been uploaded by Jigsaw2007890.

Learning more than Latin phrases with Brent

This is an extraordinary series of YouTube Latin lessons by Brent. On this tutorials he covers a wide range of Latin language topics such as Latin verbs, general grammar, vocabulary, Latin declensions, and more.

1 - Latin Pronunciation

2 - Latin Phrases and Words

3 - Latin Cases and Word Order

4 - Latin Nominative Case, Adjectives and the Verb to be

Part A

Part B

5 - Latin Accusative Case and Formation of Verbs

Part A

Part B

Latin Language Online Resources

Latin Phrases...
1 - Yuni has a great list of Latin phrases and Latin quotes in alphabetical order.

2 - The BBC has piled up a good number of Latin phrases, including "bumper sticker Latin phrases" and others.

3 - Latin Quotes is the one of the best resources on the Net for, of course, Latin quotes. You can find a Latin phrase and quote for all occasions.

4 - Here you can find a good list of Latin phrases used in the English language. Great resource!

5 - Latin Word is a newly born blog which intends to bring you all you need to know about Latin vocabulary, Latin phrases and even grammar.

More resources coming soon...

Know of any resources that should be listed here? Write to me at Learn a Language on YouTube or leave a comment.

Thank you!

Author's note: I am soon to be posting tutorials on the Spanish language. Meanwhile, you can pay a visit to my friend's blog and learn some verbs in Spanish. Enjoy! :-)

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  1. THere is a new Latin Language audio-visual course on YouTube: uploading started in August, so far over 80 lessons are online.
    The course is sequential, starting with episode 0001.
    It is taught through the medium of Latin, but is composed with complete beginners in mind.